KittyBiome Probiotics

Gut Health Restoration System

The Animal Biome Gut Health Restoration System is designed from researchers at University of California, Davis and created by the revolutionaries at Animal Biome

Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome (the digestive system and how it handles food for nutrition and energy) is essential to overall health and longevity. Our digestive health controls our overall health so it makes sense to fix the problem at it's origin.


Why Would Your Cat Need KittyBiome?

An imbalance in the bacteria living in your cat's gut is often the cause of many chronic issues.

An unhealthy gut can present in many ways such as :

  • Skin Diseases (allergies)
  • Joint disease and pain
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Behavioural issues (did you know that gut health affects our moods?)


What Is The Gut Microbiome?

The microbiome is communities of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in your cat's body and especially the gut. 

A 2007 study in cats with inflammatory bowel disease found that healthy cats had a much higher bacteria count in their gut.

Maintaining and replenishing your cat's gut bacteria should be the foundation of good health and disease management for every cat.


What are KittyBiome Poo Pills?

KittyBiome is healthy, probiotic-rich cat faecal matter carefully tested and manufactured by Animal Biome. 

Faecal transplants have been growing in popularity for years. Performing a faecal transplant on a cat can be invasive and expensive. Oral faecal medication will give you the same results for a fraction of the cost and without subjecting your cat to a medical procedure.

Faecal transplants can restore the numbers and the diversity of gut bacteria. AnimalBiome faecal transplant pills are easy to swallow and they come from screened donor cats.

These donations come from well loved cats, living in homes, with their own slave. Be assured, no cats are harmed in the making of this product. These cats just have really healthy microbiomes and very generous Purrents!

All KittyBiome faecal donors are screened for parasites, disease, health and age, and only the best microbiomes are chosen. The donor's faecal matter is then screened for pathogens at a UC Davis PCR and Diagnostics Core Facility for the ultimate in safety and quality control. 

All Raw Meow stock of KittyBiome Poo Pills comes only from donations of RAW FED cats. This ensures a wider range of bacteria, and super healthy poop!

Why Not Probiotics?

KittyBiome is the ultimate probiotic!

Most probiotics only carry a few of the strains that reside in your cat's gut. KittyBiome provides all of the native probiotics that live in the healthy cat's gut, probiotics your cat might be missing.

A course of KittyBiome poo pills may be all the probiotics your cat will ever need!

Our Experience with Poo Pills

When Oliver was just a baby, he got infected with a nasty parasite call Tritriconoma Foetus, causing chronic diarrhea. It took me over a month to figure out the issue. After successful treatment, his diarrhea remained. The parasite was cleared, but the damage done to his gut by the parasite and the meds to treat them, left it's mark

I tried everything I knew, but nothing made any difference. My poor Little Man had awful diarrhea and was losing weight.

I searched for a solution, and stumbled upon a brand new start up company based in San Franciso USA that were doing amazing research. We signed up to be part of the trial, the first Australian cat to receive the treatment.

Animal Biome were studying the properties of faecal transplants for cats, and administering it in a brand new way.

Poo Pills healed my Oliver. I am forever grateful for this product, for the research behind it, and for the amazing people who bring us this technology.

Raw Meow is proud to be a stockist for KittyBiome