Roo meat is addictive!!

In Australia, Kangaroo meat for pets is very popular. Roos are wild animals, not farmed, so that makes roo meat truly “organic” and free range, which is great.

It’s also lean, which is a double sided sword. Cats actually need fat in their diet, so a very lean meat like roo is missing that required fat.

It’s plentiful. Australian kangaroo are culled to reduce their large numbers. They are considered a pest by our farmers, which is sad really. It’s their land not ours, but that’s a whole different article.

It’s a novel protein, meaning it’s good for cats who have intolerances to chicken and beef (the usual suspects).

It’s cheap. Now there’s the real reason it’s used so often in “fresh” pet food!

The number one reason, though, is one you probably don’t know.

It’s highly ADDICTIVE!

Cats who like roo, often won’t eat anything else. It’s addictive and “habit forming”.

This is a problem for many reasons.

  1. Feeding only one protein is not healthy. Each animal protein, each cut from each animal for that matter, have different nutritional profiles. They all provide different levels of fats, amino acids, taurine and other nutrients, that cats require. Limiting their diet to one protein limits the nutrients they get
  2. The roo meat cat food, offered in supermarkets, is not balanced. It's not a complete meal. It is meant only as a supplementary option. Unfortunately this is not always clear on the packaging and many people find themselves feeding it exclusively, leading to deficiencies in the diet.
  3. Roo is lean and rich. Not enough fat. Way too rich.
  4. Not providing variety in a cats diet is a guarantee of them getting bored of it one day. When that happens, you will find it very hard to move them onto another protein and often cats will refuse raw food altogether. Sometimes a cat will refuse ALL food. I have seen this happen and it is very hard to re-train them back to eating a balanced diet once this happens
  5. So much of the roo meat available is pet grade. This means it is being processed without adhering to strict human grade processing procedures. Some pet meat processing plants leave a lot to desire in the way of cleanliness and hygiene. This is why most pet food with roo is packed full of preservatives. It is there to make the meat “look fresh”. Without the preservatives that meat would turn green and smell bad within a very short time. These preservatives are not good for your cat. The roo used in Raw Meow meals is human grade and preservative free.


Some great info about preservatives in this article from RSPCA

Preservatives In Pet Food


Raw Meow frozen meals are available with roo. We have two flavours containing the roo. We do not have roo only meals available for the reasons stated above. We offer all our meals with two main proteins, and more than one cut of most of the proteins within each mix.


Our roo and rabbit has whole ground rabbit and rabbit organs in the mix. The roo and duck has whole ground duck (a nice fatty meat) plus duck hearts. This ensures the cats eating these meals are getting at least a second protein in their meals


At Raw Meow we highly recommend you mix it up. Feed as many different options as your cat will eat. Rotate the options daily. Give your cat a wide range of proteins, the more the better. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and it’s true.


If your cat is hooked on roo, it’s time to do something about that. If you need help breaking the addiction, or help transitioning a cat onto raw, please contact us.