Transitioning to Raw

So you’ve got your Raw Meow raw meals, now what?

First of all congratulations for making the best decision you could possibly make for your cat’s health.

Most cats take to Raw Meow raw meals very easily, but some take a little longer and require some encouragement to change their diet, from a commercial food that has very strong aromas, to a fresh raw diet that doesn’t. Unfortunately, many cats are very likely not very good with any change at all, let alone a dietary change, so we have some tips and tricks to help you transition them over.

We recommend making any dietary changes very slowly so as to avoid any tummy upsets and stress for your cat, and yourselves The first most crucial step is transitioning to set meal times. Do not leave any food out available to them all day and night. Feeding two or more set meals a day will ensure your cat gets to meal times hungry and eager to eat.

If your cat is eating a wet food (canned or sachet) diet already, transitioning to raw should be even easier. We recommend adding just a little of the Raw Meow raw to your cats plate. Offer them the normal wet, with a spoon of raw to the side. Placing the two together helps them to identify the raw as food. If your cat doesn’t eat it right away, don’t stress. Be prepared to throw some food out for a little while. The important thing is to offer some raw at every meal. Sometimes mixing the raw with the canned will also work.

If your cat is a dry food addict and only eats dry, the transition may take a little longer. First of all remove the free food buffet. Don’t leave the kibble down all day and night. At meal times, offer raw, with some kibble mixed into it and see what happens. This may be enough to tempt them but it may not. Be persistent and be patient. Offer the raw to the side next time. The important thing is to keep trying. Of course, our preference is for you to remove the dry altogether and persist to feed the raw or the raw plus some canned, but doing that may result in a hunger strike.

NEVER let your cat go more than 12 hours without eating. Doing so is dangerous to his health. Cats can develop fatty liver very quickly and it can take as little as 24 hours without food to make your cat very sick. If they won’t eat the raw, feed them some canned. If they won’t eat the canned., feed them the kibble. Important thing is to keep trying.

Raw Meow freeze dried chicken treats are an amazing tool to get your cat to try something new. The treats can be crumbled onto the raw and will entice them to eat what’s underneath it also. Crumbled and mixed in works even better. Freeze dried chicken has a very strong odour and is very delicious for your furbaby. Our freeze dried treats are plain human grade meat with no additives or preservatives and make an excellent healthy treat. Please note they are treats and NOT a balanced meal, so cannot and must not, be fed exclusively.


All this may take a couple days, or may take a couple months. Let your cat set the pace. The key to any transition is patience. The transition may easy and fast or a little more difficult and take a little longer, or even a lot longer. A slow, careful transition is always best to avoid tummy upset. All cats can be transitioned to raw food though, so don’t give up. Do what works for you and for your cat.

Take the time you need. Reach out for advice. You will get there and your cat will love you for it.