Water - Is your Cat drinking enough?

Cats are desert creatures. Meaning that they originate from hot, dry arid, climates where there is not a lot of water available.  Those cats got their water from the food they ate. Most animals, ourselves included, are made up of approximately 70% water. When a cat eats the prey he has hunted, he is ingesting that moisture also, meaning he has very little need to seek out more water.

This low thirst drive has carried through in the cats’ make up, and the not-so-wild cats we now host in our homes don’t have the urge to seek water, just the same as their ancestors before them. When feeding an extremely dry diet such as kibble, your cat may not be getting all the water it needs, even if he is drinking quite well from his water bowl.

Kidney disease is way too common an issue in our cats now, and most of the issue is caused by cats consuming a diet that doesn’t provide the moisture their kidneys need.  

Urinary tract infections is also a common feline problem, again due to not enough water being provided for proper kidney function

You may think your cat is getting plenty, but is he really? The answer to that question is very likely No. Having a quick look at the moisture content of the different foods you could be feeding will give you a good idea of why a raw diet will give your kitty the best hydration possible

  • Dry food : 6-10%
  • Canned Food : 65-75%
  • Raw food : 70-80%

The only way a cat eating kibble can avoid dehydration is by drinking a lot of water. To get the correct amount of water, an average sized cat eating dry food needs to consume over 300ml of water a day. Now that’s a big ask of an animal with an almost non-existent thirst drive isn’t it?

Canned food provides a decent moisture content, and is a better option for your cat. Canned food though is cooked, and cooking the meat leeches so many of the nutrients from the food..

A good balanced raw diet will give your cat the water it needs to keep his kidneys working, his coat soft, and his cells hydrated. Water is an essential nutrient is in your cats’ diet. Please ensure your cat is getting enough water by always having fresh water available, multiple locations if possible, and feeding your cat a high moisture diet.