Feeding Kittens with Raw Meow Mix Kitten Formula

Kittens… who doesn’t love them? Seriously .. little fluffy bundles of pure joy

Getting a new kitten is so exciting .. you bring this gorgeous little floof into your family.. so tiny and so cute.. you just want to provide the absolute best for him/her

You may have been given some food from the breeder or rescue he came from.. and that’s great.. you should feed that food in the first few days, to avoid any tummy upsets. Little one has already had a huge change.. a new home.. so you want to limit the changes as much as possible in those first few days

Once bubba is settled tho, it’s time to start feeding him the diet you intend to feed him going forward

Choosing to feed a kitten a raw diet is truly the best choice you can make for your new little family member.  Cats are obligate carnivores, so feeding them the food their bodies are designed to eat makes sense

And here is where I get all tough love on you.

Kittens absolutely MUST be fed a properly BALANCED raw diet from day one of the transition. Do NOT feed them plain muscle meat. Do NOT feed them supermarket cat mince full of preservatives. DO NOT guesstimate what you put into your DIY raw mix.

If you’re intending feeding a kitten a raw diet .. do it right.. or don’t do it at all

Kittens can get very sick very quickly when fed an unbalanced raw diet. It can result in brittle bones and even paralysis in a matter of days, and cause issues they will carry with them for life.. or .. it can cause death. I hate to be such a downer but seriously this is important.


This is where Raw Meow Mix Kitten comes into the picture. If you’re ready to feed your kitten raw but you’re not sure you can, or want to, be making a properly balanced raw diet from scratch, then your absolutely best option is to use our meal completer to ensure your kitten is getting all the nutrients, in all the correct ratios, that they require, to grow and be healthy

All you need to do is add plain muscle meat.  

Kittens require fat.. lots of fat.. so ensure the meats you use are as fatty as possible. I tend to avoid roo for kittens as it’s so lean. Include fatty cuts of beef, lamb and pork, and leave the skin on any chicken you feed. Don’t be afraid of the fat, add it in, they need it. Remember to give as much variety as possible, to avoid your sweet little kitten becoming a fussy adult cat

Also try and feed the meat in different textures..  mince is fine but chunks is better. Start with small chunks and gradually increase the size of them as your kitten grows. Ripping and tearing at chunks of meat will keep their teeth clean, their jaws strong, and will enhance the enjoyment at meal time making them feel more satisfied

Remember when feeding Raw Meow Mix Kitten, you must consider your cat a kitten till he reaches one year of age. If he is a large breed cat, like a Maine Coon or Ragdoll, then he will require the Kitten Mix till he turns two years of age.

Feeding raw to your new kitten can seem like a daunting idea but it doesn’t have to be. Raw Meow Mix Kitten takes all the stress out of it for you, leaving you to enjoy your new baby, safe in the knowledge you are giving them the best start in life you can.