Let's talk poop

One of the best side effects for us humans when we switch our cats to raw food is their smaller, firmer, and less smelly stools! Without ingredients like corn, soy, grain and other undigestible ingredients found in highly processed conventional foods, in eating a balanced raw food diet your cat is able to utilize the ingredients more efficiently in their system. Instead of eliminating a large percentage of unusable matter found in conventional foods, the vitamins and nutrients provided from raw food are being absorbed and used to build a strong immune system, digestive system, and promoting their overall health and well being resulting in smaller and firmer stools.

You may also notice the frequency of the poop greatly reduces when feeding a raw diet. A raw fed cat will poop once every two or three days. This is normal. Don't panic. They will, however, be peeing more and likely more often. This is good. Again no reason for panic. A raw diet is higher in water content, and therefore causes more pee. As with the stools, the pee will likely smell a lot less than it did before. Just another perk of being on a raw food diet!