Toppers.. what are they and why do I need them?

I love pasta.. I know, I know, I shouldn’t.. but I do. Even better with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top. Makes that pasta even yummier. You know what I mean right?


Cats are funny, gorgeous, fussy little creatures.. but we love them. They live in our homes, on our beds, on our laps.. but they never lose their wild roots. For a tamed domestic animal, they are still very “wild” in how they react to changes in their environment. New food is suspicious and potentially dangerous in their eyes. Especially raw food. It’s so different to the commercial food they’re used to. Dry food has been sprayed with animal digest to make it smell strongly. Raw food smells so different to them with barely any odour at all


One of the best tricks we have up our sleeve to entice our cats to eat something new, is to add a delicious topper.. some “parmesan” to make that plate of “pasta” even yummier


But what do we use?


Well, basically, anything they like.


  • You can wizz up the dry food they’re addicted to and sprinkle that, though I prefer to ditch the dry altogether and use a healthier option
  • I’ve used actual parmesan before with my cheese addicted cats
  • Nutritional yeast is good too
  • The water from a can of tuna or sardines will work if your cat likes a fishy smell
  • Using some of their canned food over the top of raw can also work


You get the idea. Sprinkle something delicious over the food, they will eat that, and usually continue on to finish what’s on the plate


Raw Meow freeze dried treats work a treat too .. forgive the pun


Freeze dried chicken breast is purrfect to be used as a topper. It crumbles well by hand, or, a couple seconds in a food processor, and you can make a jar of toppers out of this or any of our treat options. Raw Meow treats have all the moisture removed from them in the freeze drying process, enhancing the aroma of the raw meats, making them irresistible for most cats


Freeze dried complete meals are even better. Just pour it straight out of the bag. These are a balanced topper. Our meals can even be fed dry, as a transitional tool, for those hard core dry food addicts, use it as a stepping stone to raw food.


Our CEO Oliver loves his sprinkles. So does old girl Priscilla.



Our Kitty Krack treats have helped transition many cats to raw. A healthy raw option. A great tool in your kit. For transitioning, for those super fussy cats, or as a healthy option for cats who won’t eat anything else when unwell, keep some in your cupboard. Try some Raw Meow Treats today