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What is Raw Meow raw cat food?

Raw Meow is a range of natural, balanced and nutritious raw cat food with no added fillers or preservatives Every ingredient has been selected for the health of your cat.. Each packet provides the correct ratio of meat, offal, and bone with added vitamins and minerals, Omega 3 and egg yolk. At Raw Meow, we only use the highest quality products sourced locally. All supplements are certified Human Grade. We do NOT use Pet Grade meat in any of our products.

Why do you add a supplement?

In the wild a cat will eat the whole prey. When feeding a raw diet we do our very best to mimic that, but we just cannot provide all the nutrients a cat will get from whole prey, when feeding a prey model diet. For this reason, we supplement some of the vitamins and nutrients that are missing. In this way we ensure the cat is getting everything they need from their diet. 

Can I feed my kitten a raw diet?

Absolutely, raw fed cats are fed the same regardless of age. The only difference being that a kitten requires bone to assist their growing needs, so be sure to choose a product with bone content rather than eggshell. Kittens need to eat as much as they want as often as they want for the first year of their life. This means multiple feeds, at least 3 and up to 6 or 7 daily depending on your kitten. A kitten can eat even 10% of their body weight daily.

How do I safely handle raw food?

You would handle the products from Raw Meow in the same manner you would handle your own raw meats. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling. Raw Meow raw cat food is packaged in convenient tamper proof containers that go from freezer to fridge easily without having to transfer to an alternative container. Defrosted raw meat can be kept up to two days in the fridge safely.

How much do I feed to my cat?

Recommended feeding is 2-4% of your cat’s desired adult body weight. Kittens and pregnant cats will need more, and should be fed small frequent meals up to 10% of their body weight

It should be recognized that the above ratios are to be used as a guide only and individual cats may require more or less food than recommended. You as a pet owner are in the best position to determine quantity, and how often to feed using your cat’s energy levels body condition and general health as a guide. If in doubt, please consult your Veterinarian.

How long can the food from Raw Meow be kept?

We deliver your food frozen so it can be stored up to 6 months in the freezer. Once defrosted the food is best consumed within 2-3 days of opening.

I don't live in Perth, what products are available for me?

Our raw frozen product is the only product is available ONLY locally in Perth.

All the other products can be mailed out across Australia via AusPost. Postage fees apply and are scaled on weight of package

  • Raw Meow Mix
  • Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals
  • Raw Meow Freeze Dried Range of treats
  • Raw Meow range of supplements

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