Raw Meow Ambassador


💚 Raw Meow is not your average company 💚


We value our customers above all else, they are the one and only reason we exist. Raw Meow has grown from strength to strength and now it’s time to spread the joy even further.

It would be logical to give our products over to a distributor to sell as far and wide as they could. CEO Oliver and I are not that “normal” or “logical”, and we don’t want to see our products become a faceless bag, on a shelf, in a store.

We have higher aspirations than that. We want to educate. We want to inspire cat owners to want better nutrition for their cats. We want to be at the source of knowledge, the place we should trust above all others.

Your vet cares for your cat when they are unwell. Let’s help them provide you the tools to keep them well also. Better health thru better nutrition. We want to put an end to the confusion about raw diets.

We want your vets to feel confident recommending a raw diet, knowing it will be done properly using Raw Meow Mix. We want them to join the #rawvolution To do this .. we need you.

Who better to promote a fantastic product than those who use it every day. You love Raw Meow, you want to talk about it to anyone who will listen, we want to reward you for doing that. Become a Raw Meow Ambassador!

Join the #rawvolution.


Get YOUR vet onboard with Raw Meow, and be rewarded for doing so! Get earning now!!

📌 Talk about Raw Meow to your vets

📌 Have them contact us to discuss stocking Raw Meow

📌 They will be asked who referred them

📌 You will be rewarded once they place their first order, with a $50 voucher

📌 You will be rewarded when they place their second order, with another $50 voucher

📌 Ask us for info pamphlets to help you on your mission, by adding the words “Raw Meow Ambassador” to your next order. We will send you the tools to do your job. This will include samples and pamphlets to give your vet.

Help us help the cats of Australia join the #rawvolution. People powurrrr!!


* conditions apply *

Raw Meow reserves the right to refuse payment if it deems the terms have not been adhered to by any parties

Offer is only valid to Raw Meow customers familiar with the product, and only valid for veterinary clinic referrals.

Raw Meow referrals to retail outlets are not eligible for the offer