Raw Meow Breeders Program

There are many amazing breeders throughout Australia that understand and practice raw feeding of their cats and kittens. We applaud you for your work and dedication. We understand, though, that it is difficult to ensure the kittens continue to be fed raw as they move into their new homes.


Raw feeding takes dedication, and time, and an understanding of the principles of balanced raw food prepping. With the busy lives we all lead, it is often easier for new owners to feed a commercial product. Sadly this often means these beautiful, raw fed kittens you raised, lose their access to the rich and nutritious raw diet they were raised on.


Raw Meow can help. Our product Raw Meow Mix Kitten formula makes raw feeding for growing kittens so very simple. It eases the transition from breeder to owner without stress. There's no calculating ratios, no buying and adding supplements, no worries over making the meals unbalanced. Just scoop the powder, add the water and mix in with plain muscle meat.


All we ask that you also feed some Raw Meow Mix Kitten formula, in rotation as part of your litter's diet, so they are used to the taste of Raw Meow before they go to their new homes. We will provide info for your kitten packs and generous discounts on our Raw Meow Mix and samples.


Join our Raw Meow Breeders program today. Contact Laura to discuss how we can help you, help your kittens' new Purrents, to continue feeding their new babies with a healthy raw diet


Call Laura on 0400 686 186 or email info@rawmeow.com.au