Complete Meal Freeze Dried Boneless Lamb & Emu

Complete Meal Freeze Dried Boneless Lamb & Emu

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*Raw Meow Freeze Dried Lamb & Emu Meals contain eggshell powder in place of bone, making it a low phosphorus option for kidney compromised cats*

Ingredients: Emu leg, lamb, lamb heart, lamb tongue, lamb liver, eggshell powder (equivalent to 10% bone content), egg yolk, NZ green-lipped mussel freeze dried powder, taurine, choline, zinc, iron, vitamin E, manganese, potassium chloride, thiamin, copper, phosphorus, sodium, vitamin B6,  potassium iodide (iodine), selenium yeast, vitamin K, vitamin D3


Each bag contain 210gm

Serving size 15gm (one scoop provided) - add 35-45ml water to rehydrate

Each bag contain 14 meals (one week of full meals)

Store in a cool dry place