Raw Meow Mix Adult Transition Pack

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The transition pack is 7 days worth of food and is designed to give you an indication of how your cat will take to the new diet. Some cats take to it immediately and some can take months. Do not be discouraged if it does not all happen within 7 days. Patience and persistence is key.

Mixing and storing instructions
Raw Meow Mix transition pack will make approx. one week of sample size meals to start your cat on the road to raw feeding.
Simply mix the contents of the sachet (18gm) with 2-5 tsp of water or bone broth (to desired consistency) to create a sauce/paste, and mix into 270gm of plain muscle meat that has been minced or cut into small chunks. Chicken thigh is a great one to start with, or, if your cat has eaten other meats before, then use their favourite protein to introduce the Raw Meow Mix. We recommend freezing the mixture in clean ice cube trays. This will give you small quantities of meals to defrost and use over the approx. one week of transition trial.

Feeding Instructions
To start the transition, we recommend you feed wet food as the baseline. Remove all dry from the house, hide it away in the garage or somewhere they have no access to. If they smell it they may hold out for it. Feed their usual wet food plus start to introduce the raw plus Raw Meow Mix.

Day 1 – Day 3 : Add 1 teaspoon of meat with Raw Meow Mix to your cats wet food meal. Place this beside the wet food, on the same (flat) plate. If they don't eat it, throw it out, and offer a fresh portion with the next meal. Continue to offer the one tsp at every meal, every day until they eat. This may take longer than the suggested time frame, go at your own cats pace. Once they are eating the teaspoon full, double it.
Day 4 – Day 5: Assuming they are eating the raw, make the meals
one third raw and the rest their usual. Again, once they are eating
that and if all good in the litter box then move to half and half. You
may need to now purchase a bag of Raw Meow Mix as you are well on
your way to raw feeding.
From here you can slowly increase the raw. Please watch their toileting.
If you cat has vomiting or any diarrhea, stop and go back to just
their usual wet meals for a day or two, then start again.
The freeze dried chicken Krumble is a tool to help you. You can use
as a topper, sprinkle it over the raw only, to entice them to eat it.
Use this when required. Kitty Krumble bag is 30gm

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