Benefits of Bone Broth

Benefits of Bone Broth

As cat parents know, cooked bones are hazards for pets to chew, but bone broth is a powerhouse of nutrients for your cat, especially older cats suffering joint pain, and is a great way to get extra water into your cat.

Bone broth’s benefits to your cat include:

Detoxifying his liver: Bone broth delivers lots of glycine, the amino acid needed by the liver to clear out all the toxins present in food, water and even pest treatments.

Boosting his digestive tract: Collagen helps strengthen the intestinal lining so bacteria from undigested food doesn’t seep into the bloodstream.

Strengthening his immune system: Bone marrow carries oxygen to the body’s cells, bolstering the immune system’s ability to battle illnesses.

Helping joints: Cats with arthritis or other joint issues benefit greatly from bone broth’s easily-absorbed minerals, including magnesium and glucosamine

Keeping bones healthy: Bone broth is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is crucial for maintaining and healing bones and teeth, and for generating energy.

Boosting nutrition, juicing poor appetites: For cats with food sensitivities, or senior cats whose appetites lag, bone broth’s taste and ease of digestion invites them to chow down.

Making bone broth is easy but time-consuming, so include patience in your recipe. All it takes is two simple ingredients plus water. A slow cooker is the ideal way to do it and means you don’t need to leave a pot simmering on the stove overnight. Simply buy some nice raw bones, chicken frames are cheap and plentiful and add a few wings or chicken feet if you can find them. Splash some apple cider vinegar in, making sure you have the type with the “mother”, and add water to fill the pot. Cover and turn on low, leave it to do it’s thing for 24 hours or so.

When cooking time is up, skim off the separated fat, or most of it, a little extra fat is good for your cat, and drain over a second bowl, removing all bones and leaving you with lovely broth. Let broth cool completely and transfer to small containers and ice cube trays for easy freezing. Freezing in ice cubes is an easy way to store it. You simply pop a cube on their meal half an hour before serving so it has time to melt, no mess no fuss.

Raw Meow meals all contain bone broth. Our cats love it and we offer you the same food we feed our own.

If you find it all too hard to make your own, Raw Meow Bone Broth is available online. Freeze dried beef bone broth is so easy to use, just add boiling water. You can buy Raw Meow Bone Broth in our online store

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