About Us

I felt that cats have been ignored for long enough and so created Raw Meow to provide products and inspiration to cat slaves of Australia. I know that raw feeding your cat is the absolute best nutritional choice you can make for your beloved fur family member but understand that doing this properly is not always easy


I wanted to give my fellow cat lovers the tools to help them take the steps to transitioning their cat to raw


From humble beginnings in our own kitchen, to a fully equipped commercial kitchen, we at Raw Meow go from strength to strength with you, our customers, at our side. We strive to provide the very best product, coupled with the very best service, to help you feed your cat a fully balanced, complete raw diet


We have created a range of products for you and your cat.


  • Frozen ready raw meals – available for local Perth customurrs
  • Raw Meow Mix – a meal completer that once mixed with plain meat, creates a fully balanced and complete cat specific raw meal
  • Raw Meow Freeze Dried complete meals – simply rehydrate and feed. Fully balanced and complete raw meals for cat
  • Raw Meow Freeze dried treats – all human grade plain meat, and wild caught sardines, freeze dried healthy delicious treats for cats


We are honoured to share our products with our feline customers and wish every cat of Australia a long, happy, and healthy life.