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Raw Meow was created to make raw feeding your cat as simple as possible

The team at Raw Meow are very passionate about cats and about feeding them as nature intended. We understand that life is hectic and not everyone has the time or the energy to make their own. This is why we have come up with multiple solutions to help you feed your cat the best diet possible

Raw Meow Frozen Meals are ready mixed, balanced and complete meals using human grade meat. Frozen in tubs, ready to defrost and serve. The frozen range is available in Perth only


Raw Meow Mix is a meal completer. Based on the prey model, Raw Meow Mix contains chicken liver as the organ requirement and ground eggshell as the source of calcium, lowering phosphorus compared to a diet with bone. By using eggshell instead of bone, cats with compromised kidney function can also be fed a balanced raw diet using Meow Mix. Egg yolks provide choline and vitamin E, Green lipped mussel provides the omega 3s, and the remaining ingredients are vitamins and minerals that fill the blanks created by not feeding whole prey. Raw Meow Mix balances boneless meat. It will make plain muscle meat a complete meal

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Meals are a convenient option for everyone. Raw Meow Meals are made using only human grade meat, and are balanced and complete. Easy to store in the pantry and simple to prepare (just add water to re-hydrate), Raw Meow Meals are an excellent option for those unable to feed raw, as a topper on a balanced raw meal, as a back up food on those days you need a quick solution, or to add variety to your cats overall diet.

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Treats are human grade single protein treats that are healthy and delicious.

All Raw Meow products are made in Australia from local ingredients. Raw Meow provides the tools to help you feed a complete, balanced raw diet to your cats.

Raw Meow, from our kitchen to your cat’s dinner plate

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