Raw Meow was born from a belief that cats should be fed as the obligate carnivores they are.

The Raw Meow range features meal completers, freeze dried meals, treats and supplements that cater to all stages of a cat’s life, and requirements, and ensure that, no matter your circumstances, your pets can enjoy the enormous benefits of a biologically appropriate, balanced and complete raw diet.

Raw Meow strives to empower people with the tools to create a raw diet that not only feeds their pet’s bodies, but brings joy and satisfaction, ensuring they can live healthy, happy lives.

Raw Meow was founded by Laura Di Ciano in 2017. Laura had been raw feeding her own cats, however, she encountered challenges and confusion in finding information or balanced raw recipes. Laura, believing that raw feeding should be more convenient and accessible for cat parents, engaged world renown veterinary nutritionists to formulate a meal completer, and the first Raw Meow Mix was born.

The development of the entire Raw Meow product line was created with the guidance of certified animal nutritionists. This allowed for the creation of a range of products that simplify the process, for both novice and experienced raw feeders, to provide a well-balanced raw diet for their cats and dogs.

Laura believes that providing our pets with food as nature intended is crucial for their optimal health. She advocates for a scientific approach to pet nutrition that includes the use of bioavailable supplements in conjunction with species-appropriate ingredients.

Raw Meow Mix

Raw Meow Mix is a meal completer. With options for kittens, adults, and seniors with kidney disfunction, Raw Meow Mix has options for every requirement.

Raw Meow Mix makes feeding your cat a balanced raw diet so simple and takes all the hard work out for you. Raw Meow Mix is a powder that contains secreting organ, bone content, egg yolk and omega 3, plus all the vitamins and minerals required for a balanced raw diet. All you need to do is provide the plain muscle meat.

Using Raw Meow Mix is easy. Just mix the powder, in the required ratio to the muscle meat you are prepping, with water or bone broth, into a sauce like consistency, then add to the muscle meat you have either diced or minced.

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Raw Meow Frozen Meals

Raw Meow Frozen Meals are ready mixed, balanced and complete meals using human grade meat. Frozen in tubs, ready to defrost and serve. All the frozen products are suitable for all life stages. The frozen range is available in Perth only.

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Raw Meow Freeze Dried Meals

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Meals are a convenient option for everyone. Raw Meow Freeze Dried Meals are made using only human grade meat, are balanced and complete and suitable for all life stages. Easy to store in the pantry and simple to prepare (just add water to re-hydrate), the freeze dried meals are an excellent option for those unable to feed fresh raw, to use as a topper on a balanced raw meal, as a back up food on those days you need a quick solution, or to add variety to your cats overall diet.

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Raw Meow Freeze Dried Treats

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Treats are human grade single protein treats that are healthy and delicious.

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Raw Meow Supplements

The Raw Meow supplement range includes products to assist with common issues such as diarrhoea and constipation, as well as providing probiotic and joint health products that really work!

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