Frozen Complete Raw Meals

Frozen Raw Meow meals are only available in Perth WA.

Please see our raw meal completer (Raw Meow Mix) as an option to help you create your own Raw Meow meals at home if you live outside the Perth area.

Raw Meow Freeze frozen meals are made using only real meat. They contain no preservatives and no fillers. Just real, raw meat. All Raw Meow products are made in small batches, ensuring a fast turn around of stock, delivering the freshest possible product to you and your pets.

Due to its very natural and minimally processed state, our meals may differ in taste and texture with each new batch. These differences are caused by seasonal variations as well as slight changes to the final product depending on availability of each ingredient.  These changes are normal and do not affect the quality of the product, it is an intrinsic component of the raw pet food industry. By placing an order you are agreeing to accept the product as is.