How Much Does it Cost to Feed Raw?

How Much Does it Cost to Feed Raw?

Raw feeding is, in our opinion, the best way to feed your obligate carnivore

Cats are built to eat meat. Their little bodies are made to process protein from other animals. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Most commercial cat food, in general, does not meet their needs. So much of it is high in inappropriate ingredients. Wheat, corn, veg, flours of all kinds, and the protein sources are often dodgy to say the least. Waste product from the meat industry, as well as other things you don’t want to know.

But this article is not about ingredients. We’ve covered that before. It’s not about convenience, we have that covered across the board with our products. It’s about price. What does it cost to feed great raw food to your cat? Balanced, complete raw food that meets their nutritional requirements, and that they will love. Food that will give them more energy. Smaller and stink-free stools. Shinier coats. Cleaner mouths. Clear eyes. Better mood. More satisfaction

So what does that cost? Surely it’s prohibitively expensive right? Anything that good has got to be at a high price. Unsustainable price. Right? Wrong. I’ve done the figures for you. I’ve compared our Raw Meow Mix Adult with other products, decent products, not supermarket stuff, and you may be surprised at the results

I have allowed $10kg for sourcing meat. It takes some clever shopping, finding the right sources, buying on special, but, believe me, it’s very do-able. I have also priced it using meat at $15 a kilo for those who feel they couldn’t possible buy anything under $10kg

So, take a look for yourselves. Feeding raw, a fully balanced, complete, convenient, simple to use, raw diet to your cats is economically viable. It’s cheaper than feeding a good quality tinned, but better for them. Why not feed them the way nature intended?


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