Kibble will Balance it all out right?

Kibble will Balance it all out right?

My pet peeve.. excuse the pun.. and the number one reason vets are anti raw.. is people who feed plain muscle meat and add kibble to “balance it out”


Kibble generally, and usually just barely, meets AAFCO standards.. which are the very basic minimum requirements to keep your pet alive. This means the kibble.. in and of itself.. is a “balanced diet”. A crappy balanced diet, but balanced none the less. Plain muscle meat is not balanced. Not even close. It is missing organ, bone, omega 3 and a bunch of micro and macro nutrients required to meet your pets basic requirements.


Yet many people think that if they add a balanced dry food to their feeding of plain muscle meat it will balance it out. That is just not possible.


If diet A is balanced and has, technically, enough nutrients.. and you add diet B which does not.. then diet B (the plain raw meat) will dilute all those nutrients in the dry diet A.. making the total lacking in all of these nutrients


If I feed you a bowl of cereal with just the right amount of milk in it.. that’s a perfect bowl of cereal right? Then I add another portion of cereal without adding more milk.. is it still a perfect bowl of cereal? Or is it a bowl of cereal sadly lacking milk? An unbalanced bowl of cereal.. (not that cereal is a good food choice at all but it’s an easy to understand example) Same concept.


In cases like this.. and as hard as it is for me to say this.. you would be better off feeding a purely commercial diet than feeding raw this unbalanced.


Can you see now why many vets freak out about raw feeding?


If you want to feed raw, do it right. Follow a recipe, preferably created by a knowledgeable animal nutritionist, feed a balanced commercial option (I stress the word balanced as many raw options out there are also unbalanced) or, of course, make your own, using Raw Meow Mix.


And ditch the dry. It’s a highly processed, carb filled, feed product containing poor quality protein (the tiny amount of protein that is in there) that does your cat absolutely no favours at all.


Raw is the most biologically appropriate diet for cats, there is no doubt in my mind about that, but it must be done right. Your cats will thrive on a properly balanced raw diet.

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