Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals are yet another option to help make raw feeding your cat as simple as it can be

Feeding a fresh raw diet is undoubtedly the best option, but sometimes we need a second option, something that will provide the same benefits as fresh raw, but that can be prepared and fed in a flash. On those days when you have no fresh meat ready or the time or energy to prepare a fresh raw meal or as a fully balanced topper or to feed a cat reluctant to eat due to illness or an option for when you are away and someone else is feeding your cat or simply to add some variety in your cat’s every day diet.

So what is freeze dried cat food all about?

Freeze-drying enables us to preserve foods in an especially gentle manner. The process preserves the colours and structures, minerals and flavours. The products taste as good as fresh and the natural form, colour, size and consistency of the fresh products are preserved. In fact, the process of freeze drying actually intensifies the aroma of the freeze dried product and as the sense of smell is a big part how we taste our food, freeze dried meals is a particularly delicious option for your cat.

The process through which freeze-dried cat food is made is very different from that of traditional commercial pet foods. Rather than going through the process of cooking and extrusion like traditional kibble, freeze-dried cat foods are frozen at the peak of freshness then subjected to high vacuum pressure to remove the water content while the food is still frozen.

The food is quickly frozen at low temperatures and then all of the moisture is sucked out of it. As the food hasn’t been subjected to heat, the majority of the original nutritional integrity of the ingredients is preserved.

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals do not need to be refrigerated or frozen as they have a long shelf life, two years from date of production. Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals are also completely free from artificial preservatives (because they simply aren’t needed)


All of the flavours in the Raw Meow freeze dried meal range are suitable for all life stages. The lamb and the roo/pork meals are lower in phosphorus


How to feed Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meals


  • One scoop (15gm) of Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Meal
  • 40-50ml of water (3-4 tablespoons)

This will make an approx 60ml meal

Mix well and allow to re hydrate. Serve immediately. Adding more liquid will make a wetter meal, adjust the water to your cat's preferred consistency. Bone broth may be used in place of water or as well as water, as desired


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