How to Mix Raw Meow Mix Powder with Meats

How to Mix Raw Meow Mix Powder with Meats

Raw Meow Mix makes feeding your cat a balanced raw diet so simple.. but you do need to do a little math to calculate the amount of powder to meat.

The water you add really depends on how thin you want the "sauce" to be. I highly recommend adding it a little at a time, till you get the consistency you want. You can always add more at meal time if required

I have done some of the working out for you, see the table below


Please note if making more than one meal, we highly recommend using the scales to weigh the powder rather than using the scoops. The scoop measurement will be off if the powder is compacted in or it's not level and the discrepancy will compound when using multiples thus making the final quantity incorrect

 Please contact Laura to receive an excel spreadsheet to make calculations simple -

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