How to Mix Raw Meow Mix Powder with Meats

How to Mix Raw Meow Mix Powder with Meats

Raw Meow Mix makes feeding your cat a balanced raw diet so simple.. all you need to do is mix the powder with some water or bone broth then add this to some plain muscle meat.

The water you add really depends on how thin you want the "sauce" to be. I highly recommend adding it a little at a time, till you get the consistency you want. You can always add more at meal time if required

Though we do include a scoop in our bags, we highly recommend you use scales to weigh the powder if making more than one meal. The scoops are great but they are not 100% accurate.

For every 45gm of meat you will need 3gm (or 3.6gm of Kitten Mix) powder. (Our Raw Woof is 60gm meat to 5gm powder)

That sounds complicated, we know, but we have provided an amazing little tool on our website to make it easy for you

Our calculator takes all the stress out of working out quantities. Simply choose the product/cat you are feeding (adult, kitten or dog), enter the amount of meat you have to prep and hit enter. The calculator will tell you how much powder you need.

How easy is that?



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