Meat Prepping for use with Raw Meow Mix

Raw Meow Mix makes feeding your cat a balanced and complete raw diet very simple.


When using Raw Meow Mix we rely on you, the cat-parent, to supply and prep the meat. This is simple enough, but there are a few things to keep in mind


  • We highly recommend you use human grade meat, meat you would purchase for yourself, from a supermarket or butcher. This ensures the meat has been processed using a high standard of regulations and is of the best quality
  • Do not use pre-minced meat. Once meat has been minced, it increases the surface area where bacteria can grow and reproduce. Sometimes those packets of mince will sit in on the shelf for days. If you want to feed minced meat, and we prefer you feed chunks for teeth and for stimulation, then please mince it yourself, or have your butcher mince it for you fresh
  • Feed a wide variety of meats. We have spoken of this before. Boredom, and the risk of developing an intolerance when fed only one cut of one protein, is an issue. Please feed at least 3 different proteins, different cuts from each protein where possible. mix it up. Let’s give your cat variety to keep him interested
  • Most importantly, please freeze any meat you plan to feed your cat for a minimum of three days. Raw meat can contain the Toxoplasmosa gondii. Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by this single-celled parasite . It is one of the most common parasitic diseases amongst warmed blooded animals and especially cats.  Fortunately, Toxoplasma in meat is easily killed by proper cooking or freezing. Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts are killed at -12C. Freezing meat in domestic freezers for 72 hours generally renders gondii non-viable
  • If feeding pork, or any wild caught meat, we recommend freezing for 3 weeks prior to feeding. The reason for this is to avoid Trichinellosis. This parasite has not been seen in Australia but we at Raw Meow freeze all our pork for 3 weeks prior to feeding it anyway. Thoroughly cooking (or freezing for 21 days at -15C) pork infected with Trichinella spiralis kills the parasites. According to Animal Health Australia, "Trichinella spiralis has never been diagnosed in animals in Australia."
    We thank our friends at Perth Cat Hospital for this info on Toxoplasmosis  

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