Raw Meow Low Mix

What is Raw Meow Low Mix?

Raw Meow Mix Low is a meal completer designed specifically for cats requiring a low phosphorus, low sodium diet and is NOT suitable for healthy adult cats or kittens.

Raw Meow provides the tools to help you feed a complete, balanced raw diet to your cats. Based on the prey model, Raw Meow Low Mix contains chicken liver as the organ requirement and ground eggshell as the source of calcium. Egg yolks provide choline and vitamin E, Green lipped mussel provides the omega 3.

Raw Meow Low Mix is a low protein, low phosphorus, low sodium option. Raw Meow Low Mix also contains pumpkin for beta carotene, spinach and wheatgrass for chlorophyll, cranberries and vitamin E as an added antioxidant, psyllium husk to boost dietary fibre and assist normal bowel movements and curcumin for its anti-inflammatory properties


Raw Meow Low Mix balances boneless meat. It will make plain muscle meat a complete meal, this means you MUST not add any organ or source of calcium (ie: bone). We recommend using a low phosphorus muscle meat like chicken thigh and ensure the skin is left on.

Raw Meow Low Mix is not a "vitamin” supplement and must NOT be added to foods that are already balanced and complete.


How to Feed using Raw Meow Low Mix

Adding Raw Meow Low Mix to individual Raw Meals


  • 45gm of boneless meat (chicken thigh with skin is a lower phosphorus muscle meat)
  • One scoop (provided) of Raw Meow Low Mix (3gm)
  • One or two tablespoons of water (to desired consistency)
  • will make approx 60gm of food depending on amount of water added

Mix well and serve


Adding Raw Meow Low Mix to individual Cooked Meat Meals

Raw Meow Low Mix was created to add to raw meat, but can also be added to cooked meats. Measure the weight of the RAW food (before cooking) and remember to retain any juices from the cooking process, add this to the meal as it is full of nutrients.

Do not mix in the Raw Meow Low Mix until the cooked meat has thoroughly cooled.

Making a larger batch to portion and freeze

Add :

  • 900gm boneless meat
  • 60gm Raw Meow Low Mix (20 scoops provided)
  • 300ml-400ml of water (to desired consistency)
  • will make approx 1.4kg of food depending on amount of water added

Mix well. Portion to 2 days of food each container and freeze. Always thaw in the fridge ONLY. Remix when defrosted to ensure the water and powder is well distributed over the meat.


One 300gm bag will make approx. 6kg of food

This will depend on your cat’s preference for a wetter or “drier” meal

The average adult cat will eat about 120gm a day – please note that how much food a cat needs daily is dependent on age, size, activity level, and health

Raw Meow Mix with chicken thighs has a dry matter phosphorus level of 0.62%

Raw Meow Low Mix - Ingredients

Freeze dried Australian chicken liver, pumpkin powder, psyllium, ground eggshell (source of calcium),  NZ green-lipped mussel freeze dried powder, potassium, dried Australian egg yolk, spinach, wheatgrass, choline, cranberry, vitamin E, taurine, curcumin, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, vitamin K, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, iodine, selenium yeast


NB: to answer the concerns regarding the cranberry as an ingredient :
**** There is approx. 0.035-0.095% benzoic acid in fresh cranberries. Benzoic acid is the natural preservative in cranberries
We are using a freeze dried version, so benzoic acid % would be 0.1%. The maximum dose of benzoic acid for cats seems to be about 450mg/kg body weight, so for a 5kg cat we are looking at 2250mg per day.
The cranberry inclusion is 2.0% in the Low Mix, and the inclusion of the Mix into meal is 5.0%. 2% of 5% is 0.1% cranberry in the final meal. So the benzoic acid in the final meal is approx.. 0.0001% at higher end of range (IE the 0.095% above)
If a cat is eating 150 grams of the final food per day then the cat would be consuming 15 mg of benzoic acid per day.
That is 0.0066% of maximum dose ****


Raw Meow Low Mix has been formulated to meet the nutrient levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)