Transitioning to raw with Raw Meow Mix

Transitioning to raw meals made using Raw Meow Mix is no different from transitioning your cats onto any new food. There are three basic rules when changing your cats diet. Go slow, watch the litter box, have patience.



Cats are very wary of any change, be it to their environment or to their diet. Diet changes, especially, can make your cat very suspicious. Making dietary changes too fast can also cause tummy upset, resulting in diarrhea, nausea, and ultimately, to rejection of the food causing the issues.

The best method is to offer a small amount of the new food, raw mixed with Meow Mix, adjacent to his normal food. This means put a teaspoon of the new food on the same plate or on a separate plate, right next to his regular food, and let your cat decide the pace. Be prepared to throw that teaspoon of raw away. It doesn’t matter. Offer some again at the next meal, and the next.

Be persistent and consistent. One day you cat will click, or curiosity will get the better of him, and he will try that morsel of raw, and very likely he will love it. So the next time give him 2 teaspoons. If he eats that up the raw portion and give less of the canned. Do this over a period of a few days, less canned, more raw, till he is eating full raw!

If your cat is a dry food addict and only eats dry, the transition may take a little longer. First of all remove the free food buffet. Don’t leave the kibble down all day and night. At meal times, offer canned instead, with some kibble mixed into it and see what happens. This may be enough to tempt them but it may not. Be persistent and be patient. Offer the canned to the side next time. The important thing is to keep trying. Of course, our preference is for you to remove the dry altogether and persist to feed the canned or the raw plus some canned, but doing that may result in a hunger strike.

NEVER let your cat go more than 12 hours without eating. Doing so is dangerous to his health. Cats can develop fatty liver very quickly and it can take as little as 24 hours without food to make your cat very sick. If they won’t eat the raw, feed them some canned. If they won’t eat the canned., feed them the kibble. Important thing is to keep trying.

Persistence is key. Using a topper can help, Raw Meow treats or freeze dried meals are purrfect for this. Or try using the kibble as a topper, or some grated cheese. Use your best judgement and your knowledge of your cats personality to decide which way would suit him better.

Going this slow, we recommend you make up the meals as you go. Start with a protein you know your cat will like. Make a small meal using the scoop provided, and store that in the fridge for up to 3 days. This way there’s no wastage, and no stress.

Once your cat is eating the raw with Meow Mix you can start trying it with other proteins. We recommend you rotate at least three different proteins, more if you can. Each cut of meat has different nutritional profile, and, of course a different taste. Boredom is something we want to avoid. Offer lots of variety and keep your cat interested in eating raw.



The litter box is where all the action is at. If your cat is happy and healthy, his toileting will be healthy too. To make sure the transition is going well, watch the litter box. Are his poops soft? Do they smell? If they do, you’re going too fast. Stop, slow down, back it up if you need to. Don’t fret if you find some mucous along with his poop. A little of this is normal when changing to raw. Any blood or excessive mucous is cause for concern, so please see a vet if that is what you’re finding.

A raw fed cat will poop less often and less bulk. Going once every 2 or 3 days is normal, so don’t worry if you see less poop in the box. This is a good thing. Raw fed cats also urinate more, and they will likely drink less, so again, don’t let that worry you

If you do find diarrhea, or your cat is vomiting, stop the transition. Wait it out a couple days, then start back gain, smaller than before. This shouldn’t happen but be aware it can. Stop, reverse, wait, and start again.



Transitioning to raw with Raw Meow Mix may take some time. If your cat is raw fed it should be easier, if they are already eating a wet food, it should be easier, if they are eating dry, having them change to raw may be a challenge, but it may not.  Be patient. Follow the steps to change from dry to wet/raw as set out above. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. It may, but it likely may not

Be persistent. Don’t give up. Be more head strong than your cat is. Keep offering that one teaspoon of raw. Try some of our tricks laid out in our blog. Talk to us. We are always available to help you thru it.


Remember. Go slow. Watch the litter box. Be patient.