Raw Meow Mix Adult - Low

Raw Meow Mix Adult - Low

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Raw Meow Mix Low is available AUSTRALIA WIDE - postage via Aus Post

Raw Meow Mix Low is a meal completer designed specifically for cats requiring a low phosphorus, low sodium diet and is NOT suitable for healthy adult cats or kittens.

Added to boneless muscle meat, it creates a balanced raw meal for cats

Containing the organs, LOW PHO bone content equivalent (eggshell powder), green lipped mussel, egg yolk and vitamins necessary for a balanced raw diet. Low Mix also has phsyllium husk to assist with constipation, turmeric powder as an anti-inflammatory agent, spinach, wheatgrass & cranberry powder for antioxidant properties, and extra vitamin E.

All you need to add is boneless plain muscle meat


Freeze dried Australian chicken liver, pumpkin powder, psyllium, ground eggshell (source of calcium),  NZ green-lipped mussel freeze dried powder, potassium, dried Australian egg yolk, spinach, wheatgrass, choline, cranberry, vitamin E, taurine, curcumin, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, vitamin K2, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, iodine, selenium yeast

NB: to answer the concerns regarding the cranberry as an ingredient :
**** There is approx. 0.035-0.095% benzoic acid in fresh cranberries. Benzoic acid is the natural preservative in cranberries
We are using a freeze dried version, so benzoic acid % would be 0.1%. The maximum dose of benzoic acid for cats seems to be about 450mg/kg body weight, so for a 5kg cat we are looking at 2250mg per day.
The cranberry inclusion is 2.0% in the Low Mix, and the inclusion of the Mix into meal is 5.0%. 2% of 5% is 0.1% cranberry in the final meal. So the benzoic acid in the final meal is approx.. 0.0001% at higher end of range (IE the 0.095% above)
If a cat is eating 150 grams of the final food per day then the cat would be consuming 15 mg of benzoic acid per day.
That is 0.0066% of maximum dose ****




One 300gm  bag will make approx. 6kg of food

This will depend on your cat’s preference for a wetter or “drier” meal


The average adult cat will eat about 120gm a day – please note that how much food a cat needs daily is dependent on age, size, activity level, and health