Bone Broth Powder

Bone Broth Powder

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Freeze Dried Beef Bone Broth Powder 100gm



Mix 10gm powder to 100ml hot water. Let cool before serving


Recommended serving suggestion:

100ml broth can be added to 2 or 3kg of total food.

*Bone Broth does contain phosphorus so use caution when feeding to kidney compromised cats*


Made from premium Australian beef bone broth, produced from Australian animals only. The beef bone are boiled under high pressure for more then six hours to extract all the nutrients, the broth is then freeze dried. Beef bone broth contains no additional ingredients


Can be added to meals, mixed with RMM powder instead of water, or fed as a treat

Nutritional information per 10gm powder:
  • Protein 8.6gm,
  • Fat less than 1gm,
  • Carbohydrates less than 1gm,
  • Sodium 101mg

Bone broth’s benefits to your cat include:

Detoxifying: Bone broth delivers lots of glycine, the amino acid needed by the liver to clear out all the toxins present in food, water and even pest treatments.

Boosting the digestive tract: Collagen may help strengthen the intestinal lining so bacteria from undigested food doesn’t seep into the bloodstream.

Strengthening the immune system: Bone marrow carries oxygen to the body’s cells, and may bolster the immune system’s ability to battle illnesses.

Helping joints: Cats with arthritis or other joint issues may benefit greatly from bone broth’s easily-absorbed minerals, including magnesium and glucosamine

Keeping bones healthy: Bone broth is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which is crucial for maintaining and healing bones and teeth, and for generating energy.

Produced from Australian animals only.

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