Hypoallergenic Options

Hypoallergenic Options

If your cat has a food allergy or intolerance,  a hypoallergenic diet may be the answer.


Ingredients in some commercial cat foods may cause Food Allergy or Intolerance, resulting in skin issues and/or digestive issues.

Hypoallergenic cat food is a pet food formulated with ingredients that are less likely to cause allergic reactions and that are not associated with certain preservatives and additives in pet food


A food allergy/intolerance is an overreaction of your cat’s immune system to one or more ingredients in the food. The most common allergy-causing ingredients in cat food are beef, chicken, corn, soy, dairy products, fish and wheat gluten. Preservatives, colouring and fillers have also been implicated in feline food allergies.

An elimination diet is used to test for food allergies or intolerances. Your vet may have suggested feeding an elimination diet to find the source of the health issues your cat may be suffering.

Raw Meow Hypoallergenic products can assist by providing the tools you need to either make your own balanced raw diet, using our Raw Meow Mix Hypo, with a novel protein or by feeding our novel protein Freeze Dried Complete Meal Roo & Pork.


Raw Meow Mix Hypoallergenic Roo is a meal completer using kangaroo liver as the organ content. Roo is a well tolerated protein that is rarely a cause of intolerance. The addition of active marine algal extracts and prebiotics, as well as all the vitamins and minerals required, make this product, once added to plain muscle meat, a complete and balanced diet. We suggest using a protein your cat tolerates well or has never eaten before, when using the Roo Hypo Mix in an elimination diet. Roo Hypo Mix is appropriate for long term use if desired and is all life stages.

Using Raw Meow Mix Hypo is easy. Just mix the powder, in the required ratio to the muscle meat you are prepping, (see our calculator here) with water or bone broth, into a sauce like consistency, then add to the muscle meat you have either diced or minced.

You can do this at each meal time, or create larger batches that you can prep, portion then freeze for easy defrosting in the fridge. See detailed info here

It’s that simple. You can make the sauce thicker or thinner by adjusting the amount of fluid added. The texture and mixture of proteins used is completely up to you. This allows you so much freedom to tailor the diet to your cats preferences and to your own budget. 


Raw Meow Hypoallergenic Freeze Dried Roo & Pork Complete Meal contain two proteins that are rarely seen in commercial cat food.  Roo is a well tolerated protein and not often a cause of intolerance. Pork has been paired with roo, as it is also a novel protein for many cats, and has a higher fat content. Hypo Roo & Pork Meal contains active marine algal extracts and prebiotics, as well as all the vitamins and minerals required to make this meal a complete and balanced, all life stages option. Feeding our complete Hypo meal is as easy as pouring, adding water to re-hydrate, and serving.


Both these options are chicken and fish free, containing NO green lipped mussel or egg yolk.


The plant matter is not in the products to provide nutrients, but they do have a purpose within a product aimed at cats with intolerances or allergies


  • Carrot fibre is a good blend on insoluble (bulk)  + soluble (bit which softens poos)
  • Algae extract is an alternative source of Omega 3. We use DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid
  • Algae meal helps strengthen immunity
  • Spinach and wheatgrass have antioxidant properties
  • Pumpkin is another source of fibre and a stool regulator
  • The sunflower meal provides a source of linolenic acid


Both our Hypoallergenic options are all life stages and are formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO standards when used as instructed. The Hypo options are safe to feed all cats if you so choose.


Speak to your vet before commencing an elimination diet

Food intolerance will usually manifest on the skin, with red patchy, itchy areas. They will also, generally, manifest on upper body areas of your cat. Skin irritation on lower body is more likely to be environmental and needs to be investigated by a dermatological vet.

The most efficient way to determine what is the cause of the food intolerance is to do an elimination diet. An elimination diet generally needs to be followed for a period of 3 months before re-introduction of other proteins.

The info you find here is not a replacement for veterinary medical advice and Raw Meow products are not a cure for any medical issues.

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