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Freeze Dried Complete Raw Meal - Hypoallergenic Kangaroo & Pork

Freeze Dried Complete Raw Meal - Hypoallergenic Kangaroo & Pork

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Hypo Kangaroo & Pork

Suitable for:

Adult Cat
Adult Cat
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Freeze dried meals are a complete and balanced meal and do not require the addition of any supplements or ingredients. Rehydrate and feed. Raw Meow freeze dried Kangaroo & Pork meals are suitable for all life stages.

Raw Meow Freeze Dried Complete Raw Meal - Hypoallergenic Kangaroo & Pork is lower phosphorus and also suitable for all life stages. It contains no egg or green lipped mussel. Ideal for use during an elimination diet or if your cat is intolerant to eggs and/or shellfish/fish.

Typical Analysis - Dry Matter Basis

  • Protein: 51.39%
  • Fat: 32.93%
  • Total Phosphorus: 1.01%
  • Net Carbs 12.08%
  • ME Kcal/100gm: 500
  • ME (Rehydrated 30% meal + 70% water): 150 Kcal/100gm

* Please note the scoops are indicative only. The scoop may hold more than 15gm depending on the flavour. Please weigh out 15gm if you are wanting accuracy when feeding.

Kangaroo, pork heart, pork tongue, kangaroo liver, algae meal, calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, algae extract, prebiotic carrot fibre, taurine, olive fruit extract, kelp, vitamin E, folic acid, selenium, choline, vit B3, magnesium, iodine, vitamin D3.

All food ingredients are locally sourced Australian produce.

Each bag contains 23 meals.

Adult Cats need to eat 2 - 4% of their body weight daily, while kittens need to be fed on demand.

One 15gm (approx) scoop of food, rehydrated with 3/4 scoop (35-45ml) of water make one 60gm (approx) meal.

  • Small Cat (up to 3kg) - 2 meals per day
  • Medium Cat (up to 5kg) - 2 - 3 meals per day
  • Large Cat (up to 7kg) - 3 - 4 meals per day
  • Kittens - usually 4 - 6 meals as required

To prepare, rehydrate food with water. Follow our quick product guides for detailed steps.

Store bag in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fussy eater

My fussy eater who loves her chicken also enjoys Kangaroo as a close second

B Gray

Both cats love it. Thank you for the amazing products!!



Joy Rockey
Hypo-allergenic Freeze dried

My cats love this one. I think it's the kangaroo that make this a favourite.

Mel Watts
Happy kitty cat

My cat, Lilla, loves the freeze dried kangaroo and pork meal. I started using it as she has intolerances to certain foods. I like that it has all the mineral, vitamins and nutrients to help keep her healthy and well. I would love for it to be available in a bigger size. Thank you.