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Bundle: Freeze Dried Complete Raw Meal

Bundle: Freeze Dried Complete Raw Meal

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Adult Cat
Adult Cat
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Freeze dried meals are a complete and balanced meal and do not require the addition of any supplements or ingredients. Rehydrate and feed. Raw Meow freeze dried meals are suitable for all life stages.

Build your own freeze dried meal bundle. Choose 3 flavours and save 10%.

Options include:

  • Chicken 540gm
  • Lamb  540gm
  • Duck/Beef 540gm
  • Hypo Roo/Pork 350gm 

Adult Cats need to eat 2 - 4% of their body weight daily, while kittens need to be fed on demand.

One 15gm (approx) scoop of food, rehydrated with 3/4 scoop (35-45ml) of water make one 60gm (approx) meal.

  • Small Cat (up to 3kg) - 2 meals per day
  • Medium Cat (up to 5kg) - 2 - 3 meals per day
  • Large Cat (up to 7kg) - 3 - 4 meals per day
  • Kittens - usually 4 - 6 meals as required

To prepare, rehydrate food with water. Follow our quick product guides for detailed steps.

Store bag in a cool dry place.