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Raw Meow Mix - Adult Lamb Liver

Raw Meow Mix - Adult Lamb Liver

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Raw Meow Mix

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Adult Cat
Adult Cat
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Raw Meow Mix is a meal completer. Added to boneless muscle meat, it creates a balanced & complete raw meal for cats.

Containing the organ, calcium, omega 3, egg yolk and vitamins necessary for a balanced raw diet. All you need to do is add is boneless plain muscle meat. 

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis – Powder only)

  • Crude protein 39%
  • Crude fat 20%
  • Crude fibre 1.21%
  • ME 389 Kcal/100gm

* Please note the scoops are indicative only. The scoop may hold more than 3gm depending how it is scooped up. Please weigh the powder if you are making up more than one meal.

Freeze dried Australian lamb liver, dried Australian egg yolk, calcium carbonate, NZ green-lipped mussel freeze dried powder, potassium, choline, sea salt, taurine, zinc, iron, manganese, vitamin E, copper, vitamin K2, thiamine, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, iodine, selenium yeast.

One 350gm bag will make 117 (60gm) meals.

Adult Cats need to eat 2 - 4% of their body weight daily, over 3-5 meals. The amount varies according to age & activity level.

To prepare, add Raw Meow Mix powder to raw muscle meat and water. Follow our quick product guides for detailed steps.

Store bag in a cool dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Another favorite of my two cats!

Lesley Dean
Lamb Liver Mix - Great product

I have been using Raw Meow since I got my two cats nearly 3 years ago. They contracted feline herpes when they were only 7 weeks old and were not expected to live. So when they did survive and came to me I wanted to make sure they got the best nutrition I could give them. I also feed them Ziwipeak air dried food. Last vet check up they told me that they were really healthy and to keep doing what I am doing. This is great testiment to feeding raw food and adding the Raw Meow mix to it.


Raw meow best quality and the best decision I made for my foster cats!

Healthy, easy and apparently delicious :)

I converted my first ever nearly 3 year old cat to raw diet using the Raw Meow adult completers and we haven't looked back. It's so easy to do, it gives me peace of mind knowing my girl gets a healthy and balanced diet and her coat became so shiny and soft just a few weeks after converting her. And most of all, apparently it's absolutely delicious, she's taken to it like a fish to water and there's never even a crumb or drop left on her plate :)

She Ate Some!

A very fussy little madam who likes to smell every tiny bit of meat before even trying one bite, actually ate some of this mixed with beef and the beef bone broth first try! Admittedly, I mixed it in to her normal raw feed at half strength and sprinkled on a tiny bit of tuna juice. Next batch I will try full strength. This little madam has been a pain to feed for three years. She is barely three kilos, and in a previous life was fed only biscuit.