Important Info - Raw Meow Mix

Important Info - Raw Meow Mix

You want to try raw feeding, and you choose to use Raw Meow Mix. That’s a great move. DIY'ing is not for the feint hearted and, unless you are following a recipe created for you by an animal nutritionist, not the easiest place to start your journey, most especially if feeding kittens

Choosing to use a species appropriate meal completer is easy and convenient, but you still need to follow the products instructions, and choose the right option for your cat. There are three different options of Raw Meow Mix so make sure you choose the right one.

Adult Raw Meow Mix is formulated for the maintenance of adult cats. For most cats, this means from the age of 1yo, for large breed cats, this means from the age of 2yo. Large breed cats take longer to reach physical adult hood. Adult Mix is a lower phosphorus option that is also suitable for cats in early stage of renal disease

Kitten Raw Meow Mix is higher in phosphorus and calcium and suitable for growing bones and therefore required for kittens and for pregnant and lactating adults. The Kitten Mix is safe to feed adults in the absence of kidney disease

Low Raw Meow Mix is a lower phosphorus, lower protein option, with added fibre, that is suitable for cats with later stages of kidney dysfunction. It is not appropriate for kittens or for healthy adult cats

When starting your raw journey with Raw Meow Mix we recommend you follow the instructions sent to you. These steps work, if done correctly. Don’t rush it, don’t skip the steps. You must follow the transition guide to success. Link to the instructions here Transition

It is most important you only use muscle meats with Raw Meow Mix. Raw Meow Mix contains the secreting organ already. Raw Meow Mix must be mixed ONLY with muscle meats. No secreting organ. No bone. No fish. See here for a list of muscle meats you can use. Meats

Freezing your meats or meals is important to prevent infection with parasites. Freezing for the appropriate time will kill any parasites that may be present in the meat. ALL meat can hold parasites, including human grade meats. It is imperative all raw meat you feed your cats is frozen first. For instruction on how and for how long, see here Freezing

There are a few ways to add Raw Meow Mix to your muscle meats. Both are valid. Each will “taste” slightly different. Some cats prefer one way over another, most cats don’t care. Try both options if having issues. Use the one that is easiest for you

    • Cut up fresh meat, add Raw Meow Mix and water and mix together, portion in 1 or 2 days worth of food. Freeze. Defrost and feed. This method tends to thicken the “sauce” so adding a little water at feeding time is ok
      • Cut up fresh meat, portion into meal size portions. Freeze. Defrost, add Raw Meow Mix and water. Serve
        • Cut up fresh meat, portion into 1 or 2 days of food. Freeze. Defrost, add Raw Meow Mix and water, store in fridge and scoop out meals as you require them

          The Raw Meow YouTube channel has videos of us and customers making Raw Meow Mix so you can see how others do it YouTube Videos

          Dosing the powder correctly is very important. Guessing is never an option. The bags of Raw Meow Mix contain a scoop for use when making single meals. If making more than one meal, it is more accurate to weigh the powder. It is important to remember that the Raw Meow Mix kitten and adult requirements are different

          •  Raw Meow Mix Adult and Low requires 3gm powder to every 45gm meat
          •  Raw Meow Mix Kitten requires 3.6gm powder to 45gm meat

          The formula to work it out is simple – (weight meat in gm) / 45 (gm) x (gm powder required 3gm adult or 3.6gm kitten) = powder required

          You can find a chart on the website to help you Chart , we also have an excel form we can send you, that does all the math for you. Enter the amount of meat you have in the appropriate area (kitten or adult) and press enter. It will tell you the amount of powder you need. Save this form on your computer for easy access. Contact to get your copy

          Raw Meow Mix is a meal completer that must ONLY be added to plain raw muscle meat.

          That means do NOT add any secreting organ:

          • Liver
          • kidney
          • spleen
          • brain
          • testicles
          • eyes

          Do NOT add bones of any kind

          Do NOT add ANY random supplements, including eggshell powder. Medications added to food must first be discussed with your vet.

          You MAY add the following

          • Additional egg yolk or egg yolk powder to assist with hair balls or constipation. One egg yolk per week (one quarter 4 times a week) or follow instructions on the egg yolk powder packet
          • Probiotics and prebiotics, including S. Boulardi when required. Ava's Blend probiotic, Oliver's Blend Diarrhea Assist & Priscilla's Blend Joint formula are all options available from Raw Meow
          • Psyllium Husk if required for bowel health
          • Digestive Enzymes if required - info on DE here
          • Bone broth available from Raw Meow or made at home - recipe here
          • Toppers available at Raw Meow or other appropriate toppers

          Raw Meow Mix has been formulated to provide all the nutrients required, so adding any of the items in the DO NOT ADD list will compromise the integrity of the product and create an imbalance


          You may have questions as you tackle your journey. Posting your question in our FB group will generally result in your question being answered by other members and knowledgeable admin.


          The team at Raw Meow are always available to help. You can message the FB page RM FB, email your question directly or through the contact page on the website. You can call Laura for a chat 0400 686 186.



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